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How to Declutter Items Without the Guilt

  Unless you've been living under a rock the past few years, you have heard phrases like "spark joy", declutter, hygge, and minimalism floating around EVERYWHERE. I love these words...I've gotten rid of 1,000s of items in the past three years and am much happier for it. But not everyone is like me. Hearing the words "clean out" or "declutter" might make some of you cringe...and I know why. Getting rid of our stuff that we spent our hard earned money on or received from a loved on is hard...really hard. It's something psychological that we don't always understand. Honestly, most of the items in our home that we don't want anymore comes down to one word: GUILT. We feel guilty because that ugly dress from our friend is really bad but we don't want to offend anyone so it must live in our closet for 5 years taking up space after we wear it once in front of her. We feel guilty because we spent SO much money on that new air fryer for our kitchen so now we must keep it forever. We feel guilty because we aren't [...]