Hey ya’ll!  I am about to get really honest with you 🙂

In March I read my bible about 10 times the entire month.  I honestly thought I was reading it every day until I looked back at my journal.

Last month, I challenged myself to read 1 chapter a day for the entire month of April.  I read Matthew and I’m excited to say I only missed 5 days.  I read the entire book and really got to take my time and listen to what each chapter was saying to me.

I decided to continue this method of reading 1 chapter a day, praying, and writing in my journal for the month of May with the book of James.  This book only has 5 chapters so I will be reading this month to memorize and really soak in this wonderful letter’s message.  It has some of my favorite verses and I can’t wait to read it over and over again…hopefully at least 6 times.

I made a new bookmark for myself and thought I would share it with all of you.  The download has three bookmarks so you can give one to a friend or two.  Just click on the link, print, and cut 🙂

Watercolor #1chapteraday Bookmark Printable

What are you reading in your bible right now?  If you aren’t reading this is a very easy way to start!

Please let me know if you are reading with me and use #1chapteraday on Twitter and Instagram to share your pictures and favorite verses this month.