I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween … I love the cute costumes, the trunk-or-treat at our church, and the fun crafts!  I HATE the scary stuff!  I’m the grown-up who gets scared by the kid’s creepy costumes! 😜  I even got creeped out today in the Halloween store but I still love it 👻

I rounded up some of my favorite cute Halloween crafts that are easy and are made with supplies you probably already have at your house!  I have already tried some of these and the kids loved them.  Check out more Halloween and Fall Inspiration on my Fall Pinterest Board below:

These watercolor spider webs are SO simple.  Just take a white crayon or light oil pastel, draw lines coming out from the center, add the connecting lines for the web, and let your kids go crazy with the watercolors.  The crayon will resist the watercolor and they end up with some spooky art!

spider web watercolor art

These trash bag spider webs are all over our windows and the kids love them.  These would also be a great trunk or treat decoration and they are super cheap because you get two huge spiderwebs from each bag.

trash bag spider webs

We made these pipe cleaner spiders and Allie wasn’t sure about them at first but now they chase each other around the house with them.  🙂

pipe cleaner spiders

These leaf ghosts are so adorable and are basically free!  They would look so great as a garland too!

8 Cheap Halloween Crafts that Your Kids will LOVE

I love a good sun-catcher craft and these are just so fun.  You could do just plain pumpkins or add the faces for a jack-o-lantern.

pumpkin coffee filter suncatcher craft

This bat hat is so adorable and easy!

8 Cheap Halloween Crafts that Your Kids will LOVE

These paper ghosts are on my kid’s bathroom mirror and there is a “Cole” ghost and an “Allie” ghost and Allie loves to tell me about them every time we go in there.

These Yard Monsters are so funny to me and we are going to make them this afternoon because we have the PERFECT bushes in our front yard for this!

yard monster diy for halloween

I love doing stamps with natural things so these apple stamp pumpkins are a win for me!

These paper spider webs are a new take on cutting out a snowflake and the pattern is simple enough for a kid to try.

paper spider webs

Have you done any Halloween crafts this year?