Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE TO TALK.  I have known this my entire life and I don’t think I’m going to be able to change. 🙂  Lately I have noticed that not only do I like to talk, but I like to talk bad about people.  If we’re being honest, it’s fun for girls to talk to each other about other girls.  I’m not sure why we love to do it.  Maybe it makes us feel better about ourselves.  Maybe we want people to think we know everything about everyone.  There are probably hundreds of reasons why we do this.

I know that there are lots of reasons why we gossip, but I also know that God doesn’t want us to do it and he makes that point very clear in the bible.  I have been reading and collecting verses and quotes about gossip for years but just never cared to listen to them.  It is the sin that I struggle with the most and I hate it about myself.  I want to make a change.

For the next 40 days, I decided to take gossip out of my daily conversation.  Today is Day 1.  I know it’s going to be very hard because I am so used to it.  I told Dane and he said he would support me and also join me in this challenge.  We unofficially started yesterday and already have found that it really will challenge us to think about every word we say.  I have chosen a verse and quote for each five days and will write them on my mirrors, boards, and notes so that maybe by the end they will be written on my heart.

I decided to share this because I know this is a problem others face too and they could be encouraged.  I will list advice for how to make this work and hopefully it will become a permanent challenge for you and me.  I also have made a Pinterest board that you can follow and repin here.  There you will find all of my quotes and verses and anything else I find that would be helpful.  Make your own board and look at it or print it if you ever need a reminder or encouragement.

**If you would like to join please comment.  I would love to know that others are making that step towards less gossip and more positive conversation in their lives.

Now here is some advice for making this 40 day challenge a success:

1.  My mom told me a long time ago that before you say something think:

Is it true?
Is it helpful or necessary?
Is it kind?

You can remember it as an acronym THNK.  Use this filter before you are about to say something and you will be surprised at how often it stops those words from coming out of your mouth.  I always think I need to spout off an answer in less than a second but that’s not true.  You can take a few seconds to think and make a positive response instead of a negative one.

2.  Surround yourself with the quotes, verses, and other inspiration that I made or that you come up with so that if you are in your bedroom or kitchen or in your car you will think about using only kind and true words.  Listen to music that also encourages positive thoughts.  There is a song by Hawk Nelson called Words and I listen to it daily to remember what words can do to bring someone up or tear them down.  Click here to see the video.  Daily bible reading is also very important to this challenge and I couldn’t do it without it.

3.  Surround yourself with people who make this challenge easier.  We all know the people that bring the gossip out in us.  Stay away from them or don’t participate.  Also stick up for those who are being brought down by others.  This might be hard if you are a chicken like me but go for it anyways.

4.  I don’t use Facebook because of lack of time and not caring about every single second of everyone’s lives.  But I also know social media can have the capability for so much good.  I have started using Twitter and have had nothing but positive come from it and my new friends.  Unfortunately, they are often used for terrible gossip because it’s always easier to type something than say it aloud.  If these devices tempt you to gossip, limit your use or quit for a while.  If they don’t, then go for it!

5.  Assume the good and doubt the bad.  I have a hard time with this but I think it will really help me keep my mouth shut.  A lot of my gossip is based on something that I know very little about but I’m just dying to seem like the most informed one in the bunch.  I’m finding out that is just not that important.

6.  Think about if you could make that comment in front of the person you are talking about.  If you can’t, there might be a problem.  If you are talking about a surprise party for them, that’s probably ok.  😉

Ok so here are my verse and quotes for the next five days.  I will update in five days with my experiences and new quotes and verses.  Repin these for your own personal use if you would like.  I’m going to print them and hang them in my house where I will see them daily.