Yay!  We are half way done with our No Gossip 40 Day Challenge.  I have had lots of great days where I did really well, and because I’m human, lots of days where I forgot about the challenge all together.  The first twenty days of this challenge I tried to focus on what NOT to say and now for the next five days I want to think about just saying less in general.   After that, I want to focus on what TO say to others to build them up.  
Now people who really know me know that I’m a talker.  I wouldn’t consider myself mean or hateful but I do talk WAY too much and that is usually what gets me into trouble.  I just share too much and when you share too much, some of it is bound to be gossip.  I chose a verse to make me think about how I can say less and how this will really help me with gossip.  
The quote I chose for this week is very powerful to me too because just one word or sentence can make someone have bad feelings towards you for a lifetime.  People have said hurtful things to me and it caused me to hold a grudge for years.  This is so toxic and will do more damage to you than the other person.  It’s hard to forget hateful words but use these next twenty days to forgive people of the words they have carelessly said to you.  When you do this, it will set you free from the chains of that grudge and allow you to move on.