After trying to speak less altogether, which is very very hard, I wanted to focus for the next 15 days on what words we can say that have a positive impact on others.  I also wanted to think about what the word gossip actually means and how it differs from complaining.
The definition of gossip is casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.
Now for weeks  I have been trying not to say anything negative about anyone even if I am mad or frustrated.  Not even to my own husband.  Today I am realizing that gossip is when you have “unconstrained” and “uninformed” conversations with people just for the sake of being rude or hateful.  I know that complaining or being negative to your family isn’t always welcome but sometimes you just need to tell your husband about someone that is being difficult or rude.  It’s ok to do that as long as it isn’t all you do all day long.  You know no one likes a whiner.  I can’t quit complaining today…maybe that’s another challenge.  🙂
Now on to the kind words.  This next five days I am going to challenge myself to only say kind things to others.  Even further, I am going to say kind things to people I don’t like that much.  I know it’s crazy but Jesus tells us to love our enemies.  Now I don’t have some list of mortal enemies but there are some people that really get under my skin.  I want to use kindness towards them this week where I would just normally nod my head and walk on by.  

Here is the quote and verse for the next five days.  Print them out and meditate on them daily.


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