Days 31-35

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Today I wanted to mention something that I use when I can’t think of something nice to say.  I don’t know if we are just drawn to the negative or remember it better but sometimes I need to go read why I like someone when I really feel like I don’t and want to let people know through gossip.  
I have a positive journal where I make a page of each person in my family and friends that I come into contact with.  I put their name at the top and then start a list of what that person does that is good.  I only write the good so that when I am having a hard time with that person I can feel better and just remember they are human just like me.  I made the first page about me so that if I ever feel down about myself I can read that too.  That might feel uncomfortable to write how great you are and if you can’t think of something, ask your spouse, parents, or closest friend.  Chances are, they will be able to make a nice long list for you.  🙂
So who do I include in the list?  I made a page for every family member on mine and my husband’s side of the family.  Why?  Because unlike your friends, your family is for sure forever and you have to like them even when they make it hard sometimes (not my family…never…haha).  It was fun to sit down and think about all the things that make my family so wonderful.  I did two pages for Dane too because I have more good to say about him than anyone. 
Now about the friends or coworkers, etc.  I put people in there that are in my day to day right now.  I also included some life long friends that will be a part of my life forever.  It’s up to you really but I tried to cover everyone.  
Finally, I have a page for people that I don’t know.  I wrote about how most people are probably doing the best they can and how I don’t know what they are going through.  This helps me understand the cranky person in the checkout line or the angry person honking at me because I didn’t go fast enough at the light. 
What if I can’t think of one nice thing to write?  Well if they are in your family just leave it blank for a while and God will reveal something good about them to you very soon.  I’m sure of that.  If they are a friend or  person you CHOOSE to be around, maybe you should reconsider that relationship.  
Here is my journal that I use…I decoupaged all kinds of happy words from magazines because I love decoupage.  I could write a big long list of why I like that!  haha
Now for the verse and quote: