Days 36-40

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Today is my last No Gossip post for this 40 Day Challenge and I have to say that it has really changed me.  I figured I would just half way do it but I have really began to learn what I means to “think before you speak.”  I heard on KLOVE radio the other day that the average person says around 17,000 words a day.  I laughed and told Dane that means I probably say around 22,000 or so then.  Sad but true.  What are we really saying that can add up to such a large number every day?  These last five days of the challenge and I am going to think about words as each word that comes out of my mouth is adding up to that total.  I have cut out a lot of the mean gossip and complaining about others but is the other words I say beneficial or needed.  What could I be silent about?  Do I really need to tell someone every single thought that pops into my head.  We will see…maybe this verse and quote will help me to remember that silence is not only OK but golden!

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