Hey y’all!  I’m Deonna and I write the Child at Heart blog.

I am a stay-at-home mom and lettering artist who loves to share fun DIY and craft ideas as well as how to create a simple and beautiful home you want on a small budget.

Okay now for a few little things about me:

My life in 2 sentences:  I grew up in New Mexico, went to college in Lubbock, TX, and married a Texas boy!  I am a proud police wife and mommy to two little cuties and we live in El Paso.

Favorite hobby:  I started hand lettering in June 2016 and it so fun!  You can see my daily lettering on my Instagram.

I am a crazy plant lady!  I have almost 40 in my house and my absolute favorites are my jade plants.

Favorite foods:  I love Mexican food which is a good thing since I live in El Paso, TX.  As far as treats go, I could eat popcorn and Dove dark chocolate until I was sick.  I have a deep love affair with Dr. Pepper and I drink green tea all day long!

My style:  I am equal parts southwest, boho, and All-American girl.  I love pink, turquoise, coral, gray, and white and the more pattern, the better!

My health:  I was diagnosed with MS in 2017 and am beginning to navigate what my new life is like but the joy of the Lord is my strength and I have a wonderful support system!  I have recently became a minimalist (kind of) and am loving the freedom and peace that it has brought into my life.

Why I blog:  This all started as just a fun place for me to share my pictures with family but it’s grown into SO much more.  I love sharing my projects and faith with my readers and inspiring them to create, simplify, and learn more about God every day.  If I blogged for 20 years and one person came to know Christ through this blog, it would all be worth it to me.  🙂