You know you are a “Child at Heart” if:
You get exponentially more excited than all of the other adults on Christmas morning and you STILL want to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to open presents.  (Every year I think I hear Santa on the roof…haha)
You wanna get in the pool the second you check in to a hotel.
You still want to learn something new and aren’t happy with only what you already know.
You still love to color, glue, and paint everything.
The best treat is a Coke (or pop or whatever) and a candy bar!
You want to go swing at the park (and you have to jump out at the end too!)
You still want to ride all of the carnival rides.
You watch animated movies more than grown up movies.
You don’t get out of the bath until your toes are wrinkled.
A campfire without smores is just a campfire.
You wanna go outside and build a snowman in 20 degree weather.
You laugh out loud.
You dress up on Halloween and might even go trick-or-treating.
You look at creation and still marvel at it’s beauty.
You believe when others doubt.

How are you a “Child at Heart?”