I just had a great baby shower in Artesia last weekend!  I got so many great gifts!  My Aunt Donna and cousin made me some super special gifts that I will have to show off later.  The hostesses gave me a great swing that is already set up in the living room!  We are so excited because our dog Sam is about to have puppies.  I figured I better get a picture while we are both pregnant because it could be any day now for her!

Cute idea!  The hostesses were in the planes
Lara and Donna made so many cute things like the airplane bottle, pendants, and sign.
Loved the Cole David Wade cards and baby bible.  The qtip cotton ball jar was a super good idea too!
The food!
This was on her chalkboard door…very cute!
The hostess gift, the baby swing.  I was so happy Lynda got to come!
Some of the sweet people who came to my shower
Chloe my little second cousin…my flower girl!
The hostesses for my shower…very sweet girls!
Family Picture!
The blanket Nana gave to me…so cool!
Me and mom after the shower…she made my helicpoter corsage
Me and my pregnant puppy!  She had the puppies that night so I am glad we got the picture in time!
I couldn’t leave Summer out…I’m 33 weeks today!