This is the beginning of my “Dollar Tree Halloween” Series so check back every day this week for a  new simple cheap idea for decorating your spooky Halloween porch or door.  

 I wanted to decorate my porch this year because I decided I wanted to do the whole trick or treating thing.  I like to go all out for most things that I do and this would be no exception.  But I really don’t have tons of money to burn on Halloween decor that won’t be up for long.  I decided to go to Dollar Tree and find stuff that I could use to decorate a fun, spooky porch.  I spent 20 dollars on EVERYTHING and I’m going to show you how to use what I bought to make a fun porch for all ages.  
(I assume that you have basic craft supplies like a hot glue gun, some paint, and some twine or ribbon for most of these projects.   If not, Walmart or any craft store has them for cheap too!)
First, take your brown or white lunch bags and cut one to be the template.  I trimmed some of the bottom off on the open end and then cut up to the top two corners to make triangles.  They don’t have to be all exactly the same but just get as close as you can. 
You will paint a stripe of yellow at the top of each bag.  Let that dry for a few minutes and then paint the orange stripe under that, and then the white stripe at the bottom.  I left a little space between each color just because I liked that look and so the paint wouldn’t run together.
When you are all done, let them dry completely.  Punch two holes in the top and thread whatever string, twine, or ribbon you have around the house.  
All done!  These make such a fun statement and they cost about $2 to make.  I bought this netting and webs at Dollar Tree to and they are included in my $20 dollar total.  

Check back all week for more super cheap, fun outdoor Halloween decor ideas from Dollar Tree.