Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas Using PicMonkey
Here is a simple, cheap teacher gift idea I made for a friend with a new teaching job.  You will spend about $5 and your child’s teacher will know that you really appreciate all of the work he or she is about to put in to help your child succeed.

I created this little personalized “handwriting” printable for my friend that got a new teaching job.  I used the website PicMonkey to create this printable and here’s how I did it.

Click here to go directly to PicMonkey and start creating your printable for free.

Go to Design and choose whatever size of frame you are going to use.  I did an 8×10 image.
Click on the apple in the left menu and choose the School U option.
Go down to Boards (pictured below) and choose your favorite chalk board and adjust the image until you like it.
In the same School U Menu, choose Dashed and Lined and choose the “handwriting” 3 lines and add that image.  Then right click on that image to duplicate the overlay and repeat all the way down the page.
**You might want to add the text from the next step before pasting all the way down the page to make sure the size is right.
If you need to adjust the height of the lines, just push SHIFT while you are adjusting it and let go of the mouse before the SHIFT button to make it stay that size.  I had to make my lines a little shorter to make the words fit in the lines perfectly.  Continue all the way down the page until you are done.
Once you have the lines just the way you want them, go to the Penmanship Fonts in the same menu and type whatever you want to say.  I used the font Learning Curve.  And then right click on that text and duplicate that text so that it looks uniform.
I saved my printable and then printed it at Walmart.  That would have sucked up about a gallon of ink at home!
Paint your picture frame whatever color you think the teacher would like.  I thought this coral would look great with the chalkboard printable I was using.
After the paint is dry, put one layer of glossy Mod Podge on top to seal it and give it a little shine.
I had to matte my image because I bought a larger frame so I just took some black paper and colored on it with the side of chalk to make it blend in.
I used Polka Dot Washi tape at the top and bottom to hold the printable in place.
I just couldn’t leave the frame alone so I added a little pendant banner with some white yarn and some polka dot scrap paper I had from another project.
Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas Using PicMonkey
Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas Using PicMonkey
All done!  I thought it was so fun and she loved it.  I love this girl and I know her kids will too 🙂  What are you going to get your kid’s teacher this year?   This could be a great gift for the first day, Christmas, or just because.
Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas Using PicMonkey

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