Here are some pictures I found of my old classroom that was a Circus theme.  Thought I would share them as teachers are decorating for the beginning of the year.

This is the “Yellow Wall” in our classroom.  Each child has a magnet and they can display one piece of work at a time.  This wall is completely up to them!


My Curious George that I painted for the room.


Clifford and the canon!


Our behavior and news bulletin board.  I used tickets from the dollar store for the border.


On the first day I took pictures of them dressed like clowns for the “Class Clowns” door display.


For a circus theme, I used lots of bright colors, stripes, and polka dots that I can use again with a different theme.


I made these pendants for all of the displays in the room.


My David painting with a Ringmaster top hat!




This is my stations board.  I used the pendants and Eric Carle border for a circus look.


My mom bought me these pendants to hang from the ceiling.  They really make the room a lot of fun!


My homemade chair pockets at work.  Click here for the instructions on how to make these.


I sewed a new piece for my director’s chair to match the theme.