diy silhouette made with edible finger paints
I have been wanting to do a silhouette of Cole since he was born.  I finally came up with a mixture of two different ideas to make this one special.  I wanted him to be able to help so I decided to let him paint and then use that as my paper for the silhouette shape.  I knew he would lick his hands so  I made some edible paints from a recipe off of Pinterest.  Here is how we made Cole’s first piece of artwork.
Homemade edible finger paints recipe
This was just an image posted on Pinterest.  I tried to find the original blog source so I could give credit for the recipe but I couldn’t find it.  This is a really neat recipe and I will be doing it again.
This is what is looks like after you cook it.  It’s got a thick texture and I might not cook as long as I did this time but it worked.  

Here is after the food coloring.  I did about 20 drops of each color to get these bright colors.  I will probably only make 1/4 of the recipe next time because it makes a TON.  Make sure you let it cool for a while because it really stays hot for a long time.

I put a table cloth out…pointless because it ended up everywhere!   This is an outside project, take it from me who learned the hard way.  Tape the paper down to the tray right before you start.  He wanted to tear it SO bad.

Put some spoonfuls of different colors on the paper and step back.  They immediately know what to do!

This was after…needless to say we ran to the bath tub before anything else was stained.  This paint comes off of your counters with some cleaner but I can’t say the same for rugs.  Like I said…outside project next time.

Hang the masterpiece up to dry.  I had to wipe some excess paint off but be careful or it will become your finger paint project instead of your child’s.

Take a picture of them from the side and choose the one that you think captures his features the best.  Print it out as big as you want for the frame you have.  My frame with an 11×13 so I just did his face as big as I could on a regular letter size paper.

Cut slowly and carefully around his head and across his neck.  This picture creeps me out but I thought I had to include it.  

I wanted him to face to the right in the silhouette so I traced his head on the back of the painting facing to the left.  

Cut again and then put this to the side for a while.

Now to embellish our $5 dollar Walmart frame.  I painted the inside of the frame white but you could add paper or fabric or whatever you want.  I then chose a blue color for the frame that matches the rest of Cole’s room.  

I wanted to do a stripe pattern on my frame so  I put painter’s tape on it.  Mine had grooves so I did my best to push the tape into every groove.

Paint your second color on the frame.  I would do at least two or three coats.  

Of course it bled through…wait for it to dry completely before trying to fix this.

Get a very small brush and just slowly and carefully dab paint onto the uhoh spots and it will look perfect in no time.  When it is completely dry, put a layer of ModPodge over the frame to seal it.  I taped the silhouette in so that I could use the frame for something else later if I wanted to. 
diy silhouette made with edible finger paints
Here is the silhouette in Cole’s room next to a penguin handmade paper art piece I bought when I went to Japan.

Click here to see the rest of Cole’s ABC airplane inspired bedroom.

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diy silhouette made with edible finger paints

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