This year I decided to make my Christmas one huge craft project.  I wanted to do lots of fun, cheap,  and easy projects that made our house ready for the holidays.  Here are all of my ideas and one that I stole from our merriest blog hop from the Little Things Blog.

Click here to see the full tutorial!
I took some twine and just started looping strips of fabric to it.  I like it so much I might make another one for year round fun!
This idea comes from the Little Things Blog.  Click here to read her post!  I used wooden skewers for mine and did both sides.
I took a bunch of green, red, and black scraps and just tied them to lots of branches.  It looks really cute!
I took some scrapbook paper and cut tons of small circles with my punch.  I hot glued them to some twine on both sides for a little garland.  Click here to see my full mantle!
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