I wanted to add a little something extra to my door and had some extra crepe paper left so I decided to stamp it with the word “Beware.”  Here’s how I did it!

All you have to do is cut pieces of crepe paper that are the same width of your door or windows.  Lay them out on paper or paper towels because the paint will bleed through.  Then take stamps or Sharpies and stamp or write whatever your want.  I did the same word because I was using stamps and didn’t want to get every letter of the alphabet dirty but you can do anything really.  I messed up a WHOLE bunch but I decided that just made it look creepy. 🙂  I had an owl and skull stamp and I did that in between the words.  If you don’t have stamps just write it with a paint pen or Sharpie and it will look great too.

I did all one letter at a time to make it go faster.
Check back all week for more spooky decor ideas all from the Dollar Tree!