DIY Children's Book Gallery Wall
I got this book the 10 Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle.  He is my favorite illustrator because his pictures are so colorful and fun for kids!  I decided to turn this book into art for Cole’s bathroom.  It’s super easy and here’s how I did it.  Click here to see the rest of the ducky bathroom!
First things first.   Choose a book that your child really loves or a book that fits a theme or color scheme.  My bathroom has lots of orange and yellow so I thought the rubber duck book would be great.  Also make sure you choose a book that is mostly pictures.  I kept the text in some of my frames but you want mostly bold pictures.  I bought this book for a nickel on  Just choose a used book that is in acceptable condition.  You don’t need one in excellent condition because you are going to cut it up anyways.
Take the book and tear out all of the pages.  Since they are front and back you need to choose carefully which pictures are your favorite.  I chose the pictures that would tell the story on the wall.  These pages here I saved for a shelf and I am going to frame them later.
Use frames that are all the same color for a uniform look.  If you don’t have matching frames, go buy some from the dollar tree and spray paint them…that is what I did.  I arranged mine this way because I am lazy and don’t like to measure.  🙂  There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for cool ways to do gallery walls.
Here are some examples of the frames.  Some have text still and some are just the pictures.

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