DIY Fireplace Screen Striped Update Fireplace

I have had this fireplace screen for several years.  A friend gave it to us because they were throwing it out and we needed one before the winter started.  It works great but I wanted to update it a little bit to match the rest of our living room. 

 I bought some high-heat spray paint and painter’s tape and got started!  Most homes built in the 1970’s or 1980’s have this same fireplace screen so I wanted to share how I brought mine into 2013!  I will apologize now for the bad pictures, the garage at night is probably not when photographers would recommend to take pictures šŸ™‚

Here is the before (ignore my son’s hundreds of hand prints):

First remove it from the fireplace and take it outside somewhere.  I put it on butcher paper in the garage but any flat surface is great.  I cleaned it really well first to make sure the paint was going to stick.  Dry it well too.

I took some brown paper I had and placed it on the glass.  I carefully taped this paper to the glass making sure NO glass was exposed.  This will take a little while but it’s worth it to be careful now instead of cleaning all of the glass later.  

Once that was taped off, I did several smooth, even coats.  Allow each coat 30 minutes to an hour to dry.  I think I did three.  Doing small bursts of paint prevents dripping and runs from occurring.   

Once the base color is completely dry, I taped off the door’s edges and handles so that I could do the stripes.  This made the stripes SO much easier.  Make sure all of the tape is pressed down very well before you start painting.

I placed two strips of tape on the top to begin my stripes.  I did two pieces of tape because I wanted a thick stripe but it’s up to you.  Instead of measuring, I would lay down two pieces of tape each time to measure where my next pieces were going to go.  This picture shows you what I mean.  This makes the taping go very fast!  Make sure it wraps around the edge smoothly because that will be painted too.

This is it all taped off.  Do one final check to make sure all of the tape is really pressed down well.

Apply your next color again using high-heat spray paint.  I did three coats again, waiting for a while between each coat.  I immediately took the tape off so that it wouldn’t mess up the base color.  
So here is the before and after!  I really like it!
I love the reflections of Cole’s toys…this is my life šŸ™‚

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