Cactus with a White and Black Background

We all love Instagram!  It’s a wonderful place to share your family pictures, art, and vacations.  But for bloggers, artists, or small businesses, Instagram can become a very powerful way to market yourself to your tribe.   We all want those beautiful feeds that are colorful and cohesive but sometimes that is hard to achieve.  I have a very simple way to share your lettering, product, or interests in a fun way with a simple Stenciled Photo Background.

Stencil Revolution sent me this tile stencil and I thought it would be perfect for this project.  I bought a white poster board and used a tiny foam roller and some black paint that I already had to create a simple and VERY cheap background that I can use over and over.

The stencil was very sturdy and I would just lightly tape it into place each time, carefully roll the paint on, and then lift straight up.  I would let it dry between sections so it took me a few hours to finish the entire poster board.  When I was done, I just cleaned the stencil and it’s ready to use again.  I cleaned up my mistake with some white paint and was done.  I even love the tiny imperfections because then you can tell I made it.  🙂

Tile Stencil from Stencil Revolution

Flower Stencil from Stencil Revolution

Here are a few of the ways I used it and I only used my IPhone so that you can see that you don’t need a fancy DSLR camera to take wonderful pictures of your lettering or products that you are selling.  This background would also work great for an Etsy shop background!  I always edit my phone photos with A Color Story App.

To take a photo of the cactus below, I used a foam core for the base and just set them up in a chair like this next to  a window.  Natural light is always best!

Cactus with Black and White Background

Cactus planter from @ofenandtassen

Llama mug with black and white background

This project will instantly make your Instagram feed pretty and will help people start to recognize you as a brand.   I like the idea of using a stencil because you can customize the colors to match your brand or style.  Go check out Stencil Revolution for all of their tile options because they have SO many good ones!  I would love to know which tile stencil is your favorite?  I kinda like them all!  🙂