This was probably the item I was most excited about in my Mama Vox Box from Influenster.  It was gel comfort insoles which sounded good after months of flip flops.  It took me about one minute to put them in my black boots and I was ready to go.  I put them in my shoes the other day right before I went to a big craft show because I knew I would be walking for hours and remembered my feet hurting last year.  They were super comfortable and soft especially on my heels.   These fit most sizes for women so there isn’t as much cushion on the ball of your foot but they really make shoes with no support or arch much better.  They fit well in the shoe and stayed put without having to permanently stick them in the shoes.  My feet didn’t hurt after the craft show so I would call that a success!  Thanks Influenster!
These products were given to me complimentary to try and review.