While this Easter wasn’t as eventful as last year (really what could be more eventful than rushing to the hospital to have a baby?!), we had tons of fun with the Wade family.  We went to church with Gabby in Amarillo and then went to her house for an afternoon of Easter fun.  We also celebrated Cole’s birthday since he was born last Easter Sunday.  We had a great time!

I wasn’t sure if he would notice his Easter basket but that face says it all!

What’s up Doc?

I love Gabby!

Ahh how tweet!

The birthday boy!

The Easter Birthday Cake (made by Cakes by Candy in Dumas)

The Easter nests made by Gabby and Grant…well mostly Gabby…haha

He would chase those cars around like a dog chasing his tail…He loved this toy!

The way me and Dane look you would think we had never seen a soccer ball before!

He loved all of his presents!  Thanks everyone!

Uncle Russell….Cole’s buddy

Is this the only picture we have together that’s not at a wedding??  We need to do this more often!

Wagon rides courtesy of Gabby

What a toot!

Saundie’s tree…very pretty that day!

I think it was nap time…or that’s my excuse!

Meme and Papa