If you are like me, you want your little one to know the names of your family members so bad when they start trying to talk.  I practice with him all the time but didn’t always have pictures on hand of everyone.  I made this book as a fun way for him to learn our family’s names and also a quiet activity for church.  It’s very toddler proof and they will love the removable name tags.

Here’s how I did it:
1:  My supplies were a chipboard scrapbook from Michaels Craft Store, Velcro Sticker Dots, Small Wooden Tags, card stock in fun prints, ModPodge, and Washi Tape.
2:  A little decoupage trick that I have picked up is to use a scraper or smooth spatula to smooth and press the paper down as you are gluing.  I had zero bubbles because I did it this way 🙂  I tore the paper the get the fun layered effect on every page.
3:  I cut these words out using my Cricut Expression but you can buy small sticker letters or card stock letters to get the same effect if you don’t have a Cricut.
4:  To get the Velcro placement perfect every time, put the rough dots on the tag and then put the soft dots on them, instead of the book, before placing them where you want them.  This way, they will always match up for that specific tag.
5:  When you are all done decoupaging the printed pictures, add washi tape to the corners or a paper shape for an embellishment.
6:  All done!  Your kids are going to love taking the Velcro tags off and matching them with the right family member.  This will teach them their names and eventually how to spell them too!
Here’s an example of one of the pages inside the book:
Little Mr. Approved!  He really loves looking at all of the familiar faces and is starting to say their names…or some version of their names anyways 🙂
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