We went to Lubbock last weekend for a doctor’s appointment for Cole’s eyes and also for a little fun.  We went to a little water park, went to his doctor, and then spent time with my family too.  It was Aunt Tara’s Birthday on Friday!  Here are some other pics of Cole’s new tricks…

Who knew a water hose could be so much fun

This is what he does while I cook….silly boy

I was getting my hair wet on Sunday morning and he was on my back.  He got off and then I hear a splash and there he is in his pjs inside the tub.  He was VERY proud of himself too so it was hard to get too frustrated
Only in Texas….

Playing at the doctor’s office while his daddy ordered his new glasses…I can’t wait to show pics when they come in

He was crying and Dane reached back to hold his hand and he instantly went to sleep…very sweet