Blogger can be a wonderful and powerful blogging platform and it rarely gets the attention it deserves because of some of the features it has when you start up.  These are my 2 steps you must do the day you start your new blog on blogger.  It will instantly make your blog feel more personal and professional.
First, design a Favicon for your blog.  A favicon is the tiny picture at the top of the website you are looking at.  The blogger favicon is set to look like this icon when you start your blog:
For a more personal impression, you will need to change this to a picture that represents your blog and style.  So here’s how it’s done:
First design your image.  I recommend PicMonkey because it is free and SO easy to use.  
Blogger wants you to create a square image that is 100px by 100px or less.  I chose to do 100px and it works great.  Choose a transparent background for your image if you don’t want a box around it.

You can now zoom in to create your image.  You do so by using the box in the lower right hand corner.  This makes it much easier to get the details right.  

Design your image that corresponds with your blog’s style.  Refer to your blog style board to get colors, fonts, or design ideas.  Make it simple because it will be very small.

Now when you are done designing, zoom out and admire your new image.
Now to install your favicon image to blogger follow these steps:
Go to the layout and click on the favicon edit button in the top left hand corner.
Choose your image you just created on PicMonkey, upload it, and click save!  
The favicon could take a few minutes or a few hours or days to start appearing when your website is up.  Be patient 🙂
Now for the second improvement I recommend doing the day you start your new blogger blog!  Remove the Navigation Bar.  This will take two seconds and improve the look of your blog tremendously.  
In layout, click on the Navbar box in the top right hand corner.  You will see different options for a Navigation Bar and then an “off” option at the bottom.  Click this option and save.   Click on Save Arrangement and go check out your blog to make sure it’s gone.  This instantly makes your blog look so much more professional and less cluttered.
This was the before picture of the Example Blog with the Navbar:
Go check out The Example Blog to see these changes in action!