So here we are all…teaching homeschool because of Coronavirus!  I was a teacher for 6 years and I don’t even feel prepared or want to do this!  🙂

We started our homeschooling journey today and it was kinda overwhelming.  Between learning a million new programs, video conferencing, and keeping track of what they will be graded on…it was a weird day.

I knew that Cole was going to need some sort of checklist to keep track of what he finished everyday so I made him this little checklist.  I shared it with a few of my friends and decided to do a few more for the other boys and girls.  There are 4 styles that you will receive when you download the files.   There is a Mermaid option, a Rainbow option, the Mario option, and a Sports option too!  Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you print them out!  Happy Homeschooling!!

Download HERE>>

Here is what they look like but click on the link above to download them.