Hand Lettering on Board Games on a Table

In my house, we play board games ALL the time!  We keep them in our entertainment center so they are easy to get but they are always visible because of the glass doors.  I wanted them to look a little more uniform since they were a part of the focal point of our living room so I came up with this lettering project that anyone can do.  It’s easy and takes just a few minutes!

Ok now if you aren’t sure about lettering, read this post first and if you are a subscriber, you can download my lowercase practice sheets to learn.

Sorry Board Game and Art Supplies

Supplies for this project:

Paper (I used kraft paper but you could use white cardstock, or anything really as long as it’s thick enough where you can’t see through it)


Scrapbook squares or tape

Board Games (I’ll share our favorites at the end of the post)

Marker I used a Tombow Dual Brush Pen but you can also use a regular black Crayola Marker for the same effect.  You could also use a black Sharpie and use my fake calligraphy technique below:  thick down strokes and thin upstrokes.

Fake Calligraphy

First, you cut the paper to fit on the front of the board game.  You could cover the whole lid but who has time for that?!  🙂  I measured it by placing the paper on the front and then just creasing it where I would need to cut.

Covering a Board Game with Brown Paper

Now that you have your paper cut, write the name of the game using your brush marker and using the tips from my lettering 101.

Strip of Paper on a Board Game Box

the board game sorry and my hand lettering

Add four or five of the scrapbook squares to the back and then put it on the box.  These scrapbook squares are better than glue because if you want to change them or take them off, it’s not permanent.

Hand Lettering on Board Games and How To Do It Yourself: the Child at Heart blog

So here is the BEFORE and AFTER:

Hand Lettering on Board Games and How To Do It Yourself: the Child at Heart blog

Here are the games all together in my entertainment center.  Some of the boxes were tearing so I just put them in kraft paper wrapping boxes instead.  For games that aren’t in a box, I just got some cute, thrift store baskets and put the card games and dominoes in those.

Hand Lettering on Board Games in an Entertainment Center

Chicken Foot Game and Uno Card game in a basket

Board Games with Hand Lettered Labels

Entertainment Center with hand lettered games

Entertainment center with Gallery wall

Hand Lettering on Board Games and How To Do It Yourself: the Child at Heart blog

Our Favorite Board Games:

Chicken Foot Domino Game


Disney Hedbanz (If you have this game, you know that moving it to a bigger box is a MUST)

What are your favorite family games?  Are your board games visible to everyone too?  If you copy this idea, please share pictures with me or tag me on Instagram @thechildatheartblog