I have seen some paper wreaths lately online and I had tons of extra wrapping paper from last year.  I thought I would try it out and share how I did it.

Homemade DIY Christmas Paper Wreath
Grab whatever wrapping paper you have left over in coordinating colors.  You can also use old pages from a book or scrapbook paper from a craft store.  You will also need to two pieces of cardstock or heavy paper, a glue gun, scissors, and ribbon or twine to hang it with.
Cut two rings out of cardstock.  I used a dinner plate for the outside and a bowl for the inner circle.  The size is up to you!
Cut out about 60 or 70 leaf shapes.  I did not use a template because I’m lazy!  haha  Some are slightly larger or smaller but it won’t matter.  Just make them similar in size.
Begin gluing the pieces three at a time.  Make sure you are alternating the different patterns evenly throughout the entire wreath.
Each time you glue a leaf down you will need to fold the leaf back just a little bit and glue it again.  This will give the wreath dimension.
Continue glueing the pieces around the entire ring until it is completely covered.  I took some extra pieces afterward and glued them in spots that looked blank.
Let me time out and show you how beautiful the trees are today!  I love a frosty day!
Ok, once you are done you will need to tie your ribbon or twine on the second ring you cut out at the beginning.  Then glue the second ring to the first one to make the wreath stronger.
This is the finished product up close and personal.  Next time I might make the rings a little bigger so that there is more of a hole in the middle but oh well.
…and you are done!
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