A couple of weekends ago my mom and dad came to Dumas to see Cole…and me and Dane.  We got to do some fun crafts for the hostesses of my brother’s wedding shower.  They turned out super cute and were a big hit at the shower. 

The Finished Notebook

The Finished Lotion:  Go to http://deonnawadechildatheart.blogspot.com/2013/04/homemade-lotion-recipe.html for the recipe!
I used the lotion about 20 times during the day.  My hands were silky smooth!

Mom had the fun job of washing all of the jars out.  You could use any jar but I had these from a long time ago. 

The messy part.  I tried lots of ways to do this without making a mess and none of them worked but atleast my hands were hydrated.  Just spoon it in!

All ready for a fabric top
Just put a dab of hot glue on the lid and place a small square of fabric on the lid.  You are going to trim it in a second.

We just took a little piece of jute and hot glued it on.  We also glued a little button on each lid.  We trimmed the excess fabric off with pinking shears.
For the notebooks, mom bought the tiny composition notebooks from the Dollar Tree and some from Walmart.  When choosing fabric, make sure it’s dark enough for it not to be see through.  This was how big our fabric was when we cut it.

Just brush a little Mod Podge on the front and back of the notebook.  Be careful not to get any inside the pages.  Press down for a few seconds and you are done.  Don’t forget to Mod Podge the spine of the notebook.

After we glued the fabric down, we hot glued a small piece of fabric and some net stuff (I don’t know what it’s called).

We cut a 1.5 inch piece of coordinating fabric and glued it and just started rolling it and glueing it down as we went. 
And there is our fabric flower.  Cute!

Add a button just for fun.
I made this one while mom was making the other ones.  I used a strip of old jeans for my flower.  I love mine too!

All of the notebooks…he had alot of hostesses!

The wrapping was just a simple bag with the scrapbook cardstock folded on top.  We used a stamp for a quick and cute way to say Thank You!

I think I’m going to start wrapping everything this way.