**I was given this Sherpa Blanket by collage.com and all opinions are my own.

How to Make a Photo Blanket with collage.com

My Nana recently broke both of her arms and was having such a hard time.  She was staying in a rehabilitation center for a while and I wanted to give her something to make her room feel more like home.  Collage.com wanted me to try out their Sherpa Photo Blanket and I knew this was the PERFECT gift for my Nana!

Ok a little bit about my Nana:

I grew up next door to her and my Papa, most of my best memories in life have her in them, and she is the most generous person I know.  She LOVES her grand-kids and great grand-kids so when I was choosing my blanket photos, I called my cousins and they all sent me their favorite pictures of their little ones.

How to Make a Photo Blanket with collage.com

I went on collage.com and chose my layout and the gold and white patterned background.  They have SO many layouts that are already designed and you just add your pictures and that’s it!  It’s VERY easy.  Their blankets also have text layouts, holiday themes, and SO much more.  You can also edit photos on their website or crop them to fit the spaces.  I shared some about this in my video but I chose a photo only layout and chose the layout with a larger picture in the middle.

I was very impressed with the quality of both the photos and the blanket itself.  

Almost all of the photos were taken with our phones and they look really great once they are printed in such a large format.  You can also pull pictures from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.  They are crisp and very colorful once they are printed.

I show an up close in the video of the blanket but the photo side is a very soft fabric and the back is this really great sherpa.  The blanket is light weight and the perfect size for a throw blanket.  I show the size comparison to a queen size bed so you can see an example of the size.  The size of this particular blanket I used is 50×60 inches but they also have a Queen size available.

Who would LOVE this blanket?

Obviously every Grandma in the world would love a blanket with their grand-kids on it.

Moms would love this with a few of their favorite pictures of their family on it.

A graduate would love this with pictures of them from their sports or other activities they did.

Dads would love this with pictures of them hunting, fishing, or camping.

Kids would love this blanket with pictures of their friends or family for a stay-away camp to take a piece of home with them.

There are Monthly Baby blanket layouts that would be great for baby shower gifts.

A new bride would love a blanket with her favorite engagement or wedding picture on it.

So basically the sky is the limit with the sherpa blanket and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on just about anyone’s face!

Check out the video and photos below for a close-up!

How to Make a Photo Blanket with collage.com

How to Make a Photo Blanket with collage.com

How to Make a Photo Blanket with collage.com