We are all different bloggers out there.  Some of us our planners who know exactly what we are going to write about a month in advance.  Then there are the bloggers who wake up and just think “Hey I’m going to write about this today.”  Both ways can work but I have just a few tips to make planning a blog fun and easy.  A little planning will make your blog more reliable to your readers and prevent your favorite hobby from becoming stressful.  
Decide how often you will post each month.  I was posting almost every day back in December and it was taking over my life.  I decided that I could post once a week, on Mondays, and that would be just right for me.  Maybe you have more time than me and can post several times a week.  Just post as much as you want and don’t let it become a burden.  It’s supposed to be fun 🙂
Schedule your posts!  This is something that I discovered a few months ago and I love it.  I decided this month, I am going to write all of my posts for the month in just a few days and then relax and read other blogs, link up at link parties, and actually DO the crafts I write about for the rest of the month. 
Organize your ideas and keep a calendar.  I have a great cork board in my guest/craft room and any time I have an idea for a post, I write it down on a sticky note and tack it up there.  I even have my boards separated by categories so that I can keep my thoughts organized.  I also have a list on my phone for when an idea strikes and I’m not at home.  I keep a secret board on Pinterest too that is called “Blog Inspiration” and it has everything that gives me an idea for a new post.  Having lists and boards keeps you from ever having a “What should I write about today?” moment.  I also place those sticky notes on the calendar each month so that I can remember which post is going out which day.
How do you plan and organize your blog?