The Dandelion Suitcase

I have a new love…redoing old suitcases.  I have done two in the past year and think they are the best way to store stuff that is important to you.  One is my bible study box where I keep my bible and notebooks and such.  The other one holds all of my wedding treasures.  Each suitcases presents it’s own set of challenges when redoing.  The main thing I look for when buying an old suitcase is a good structure.  The inside either needs to be in good shape or easy to tear out.  You will find out very fast if the inside can be torn out or not.  I will post pictures of both suitcases (both of them had to be redone with paper on the inside.)  I would love to post a tutorial on my next suitcase with pictures of each step.

I loved the original outside color so decided to just keep it!
Scrapbook paper + decoupage = cute!