Jake & the Neverland Pirates Costume Tutorial

My son has a new obsession and his name is Jake!  Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a big part of our day and I thought I would make him and his cousin a “Jake” vest for dress up!  I’m thinking it’s going to be his Halloween costume too 🙂
I made this vest out of all felt and it was so easy because I didn’t have to finish the edges of the fabric.  This is a beginner project and I LOVE how it turned out.  Throw on a red bandana and your kid is ready to catch some gold doubloons!
First use a T-shirt they wear to measure for the vest.  I am pretty sure that professional seamstresses would die if they saw this but I just put the shirt over two layers of fabric and cut!
Now you have two pieces.  Cut a line down the middle of the top layer and cut a small triangle out for the neck like pictured.  I also cut the arm holes to make them a little bigger.
Sew the sides together on both sides.  Stop at the place where the arm holes are.  Also sew the tops together leaving room for the neck.
Next, I made two small triangles and then trimmed them with the yellow felt.  Make sure the edge of these triangles are the same size as the triangles you cut out of the front piece of the vest.  These will be the “collar.”
Stitch the yellow trim to the triangles.
Turn the vest inside out and sew the “collar” triangle pieces to the neck like shown.
Now turn the vest right side out and the collar pieces will look like this.
Turn the “collar” pieces out and stitch them to the vest so they won’t fold back in.
Now cut long strips of yellow felt and stitch them to the bottom and front of the vest.  Also cut four little circles for the “buttons.”
Stitch a little X on each button to secure it into place.
Once all the trimming is sewn into place, you’re done 🙂
Jake & the Neverland Pirates Costume Tutorial
Jake & the Neverland Pirates Costume Tutorial
Jake & the Neverland Pirates Costume Tutorial