I had seen lots of stuff on Pinterest about giving little Valentines the days leading up to the 14th and I thought I would do that for Dane.  I copied some from others and came up with a few so that I could give him stuff he really likes or needed!  He was excited everyday to see what silly thing I was going to give him next.  I didn’t do one everyday because I was gone a few days but here are the ones I did or am going to do!


This is his favorite cereal…not as cute as some others but he likes it so whatever!
He has been studying for a promotion test so I thought these were fun…and because it’s true!


This is one that I had to make up because it’s his favorite!
Donut, you know that I love you!  Everyone came to the window and Dane was so embarrassed!  Mission accomplished!
They did the heart donut without me asking because it was Valentine’s day.  Donut Stop makes the best donuts I have ever had!
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