I have had a huge blank wall in my bedroom for about 6 months or so and didn’t know how to fill it.  I just redecorated my bedroom after Christmas thanks to Dane, my parents, and Nana and Papa 🙂  I love being in there so much now and will have to share pics later. 

I decided to do a “timeline” gallery wall based off of the children’s song with the words “First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby in the Baby Carriage.”  

I made some little printables on PicMonkey and started collecting old black frames.   Here’s how I did it and here are the printables too in case you want to do it.  If you don’t love the color yellow, go to PicMonkey.com to make your own…it’s super easy and fun!  Just click on the orange Monkey icon in my sidebar to get started.

This is the entire wall.  I look at it every day and I only printed pictures that bring back wonderful memories.  

I put pictures around each printable to represent that time in our relationship.  These are all from the “dating” stage.  One of those is an engagement picture and the one at the bottom is the night he proposed.   I know I got dressed up for the occasion huh?  🙂

These are all from our wedding or our marriage pre-baby.  I put pictures of vacation or wedding pics that I love.  Those “W”s are also from my black and white wedding decor.  That frame with the little yellow flower shows the program and wedding invitations we had.

All of these pictures represent our life with the little Mr.  Cole especially loves this section 🙂

A close up of our wedding invitation and program.

Here are the printables I used:
(click on them to view in full size and print or send them to be printed at the store like I did) 

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