The other day when Lorraine and Company asked me if I wanted to try out some of their new dresses for Spring 2018 I said, YES!!  I instantly went on their website and chose my dresses for me and Allie to wear and was so excited for our little Mommy and Me photo shoot.

I went straight to Pinterest and was looking at Mommy and Me Photo Ideas and a lot of the photos involved lots of complicated props.  No thank you!  🙂  I already had such cute dresses from Lorraine and Company so I decided to share with you 6 different ways to get a simple but cute photo with your daughter.

I will start by saying my daughter started out happy but got tired of taking pictures pretty soon after we started.  Me and my friend, who was taking the pictures for us, had to get creative with our photo poses so that she would cooperate for longer than 5 minutes.  🙂  If you have ever tried to take pictures with a two year old, you feel my pain and need these poses for your next photo session!

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Here are my 6 EASY Mommy and Me Poses

Hugging or Kissing Pose:

This was my favorite picture of the day.  She loves kisses and it makes such an easy but memorable picture.  Most kids are always willing to kiss mom or give her a big hug so this one is easy.

Mommy and Me Photo of Mom and Daughter Kiss Photo Pose

The “Up in the Air” Pose:

I have used this pose so many times and little ones really love it!  This “up in the air” photo pose is fun for the kids so you can always count on a great, genuine smile from them.  The trick is to hold them up in the air and freeze because if you are moving, you might just be a big blur.  This pose looks great with the camera up close and from far away too.

Mommy and Me Photo Shoot Ideas

Mommy and Me Photo Shoot Pose Ideas

“On Their Level” Pose:

I love close up shots at the kid’s level with the mom’s legs in the picture.  I especially like these because it doesn’t matter what my face is doing while the picture is being taken.  🙂

Mommy and Baby Girl in Red Dresses

Little Girl Twirling in a Red Dress with Mommy

Peek-a-Boo Pose:

I don’t know what it is about Peek-a-Boo but kids come out of the womb loving that game so use it during your next photo session!  I would hold her in different ways and then tell her to play Peek-a-Boo with my friend who was taking our pictures.  If they know the person taking the pictures, they will really smile big for these!

Mommy and Me Photo Shoot Ideas


Some of my favorite pictures of my kids are the ones that weren’t planned.  If you meticulously plan every shot, you’re going to be stressed and probably disappointed.  You have to appreciate the beauty in all of the in-between moments too.

These dresses have pockets and she immediately started filling hers with rocks.  🙂  Please tell me if you kid has a rock obsession because both of mine do!

Little Girl in a Red Dress

I took a rock out of her hand and she wasn’t happy about it.

Mommy and Me Photo Shoot Ideas

She was immediately reunited with her rock.  🙂

She looks like she’s saying “Talk to the hand mom!”  She probably was 🙂

Ok a bit more about the Lorraine and Company dresses:

  •  They are inspired by the past but they are made with great, stretchy fabric and in lots of fun colors.
  •  $5 of each sale goes to a different charity and the charity changes each season.
  •  Each little girls dress has a woman’s dress that matches it!

Allie loves her dress and automatically started twirling in it.  I like the longer sleeve, the cut of the neckline, (especially in the back) and how flattering it is.  It is SO comfortable too!

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If you have any questions about this photo shoot or how I edit my photos with PicMonkey, let me know in the comments below.