I don’t know what it is about January 1 that makes people want to start fresh.  Every year I feel like I have this empty slate and get really excited about the next chapter of my life, the next year. 

 I read a book a few years ago by Gretchen Rubin called “The Happiness Project.”  The idea of the book is that she split her resolutions into monthly goals or plans.  Each month she focused on a different part of her life that she wanted to improve.  I loved this book and would recommend it for sure.  She also has a great blog.  
I am going to do something similar to this in 2014 and choose 12 different things to improve or do this year.  I made these monthly printables to help remind me of my goals.  I am going to print them out and put them in a frame.  I am going to write my goals on the page first and put it somewhere so that I will see it often. 
I am excited about thinking of ideas for each month and already have a few resolutions in mind.  This is great because each month you get a fresh start and can build on ideas from the previous months.  A few ideas I already have are to go one whole month without saying anything negative (wow that’s going to be hard) and to write encouraging notes to people every day for one month.
Each printable has the month’s name and the word’s “I will” because I don’t want to say “I’ll try or I might” because then it will NEVER happen.  I also put a fun little image at the bottom of the page that matches that month.  I left plenty of room to write your super simple or super long goals.  I also made them on white so they won’t suck up your ink 🙂  I’m printing all of mine now so that I have them already when the month changes.
A few tips when writing your monthly resolutions:
Tell a friend or loved one so that they can hold you accountable (You can tell me too!)
You can start at any time of the year, not just in January.
If you mess up, every day is a fresh start to try again.
BE SPECIFIC:  Instead of writing “I will get organized” write “I will clean out the bedroom closets.”  Make clear goals that can be measured or evaluated.
Plan some fun things to learn this year so that you never stop growing 🙂
Here are the printables.  Just click on each month to view in it’s full size to print (these were made for an 8×10 frame but can be changed for whatever frame you want):
What are your monthly resolution ideas?  Do you even make resolutions?  What is one resolution you WILL NOT be making this year?  
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