My aunt Donna recently did a talk at church about choosing a “word of the year” instead of just making a resolution.

 I didn’t get to hear it (one of the bummers of living in a different state) but my mom told me all about it and I got to read her notes.  She was inspired by several different authors and bloggers that I will share at the end of the post.  This is a very simple way to create specific change in your life for the better.  

I am already doing monthly goals but I decided I wanted to jump in and do this too.  I thought for about a week and decided my word would be “calm.”  
Why calm?  
Well in the past nearly two years I have become a mother and with that some wonderful and not so wonderful changes have happened to my personality.  I unfortunately have a MUCH shorter fuse than I did pre-baby.  I can get upset super easy, sometimes about things that haven’t even happened.  I also have over committed myself at times and it has created a chaotic life.  This year I want to try to stay calm no matter what happens to me or my family.  
Here are some ways I am remembering my word this year:
Write it on all of my chalkboards…I have alot 🙂
Create a Pinterest Board all about my word (Click here to see mine)
Write it on sticky notes on the mirrors or by the sink
Tell other people so they can hold me accountable
Make a magnet (like the one my aunt made me in the picture)
Pray for help with my word everyday
Take some quiet, alone time every day to sit still and meditate on different situations and how I can be calmer tomorrow
These are sources for further reading one the “one word” concept:
What is your “word?”  Please leave a comment so I can see what others are striving to improve this year 🙂
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