No Complain November

 Happy November!  I love this time of year for so many reasons…mainly the yummy food and family time.  People really think about what they are thankful during the days leading up to Thanksgiving and so this year I wanted to do a little challenge.  All this month I am going to challenge myself to refrain from any type of complaining and turn every gripe into gratitude.

This IS NOT going to be 1000 words every week about why we shouldn’t complain.  We all know that it’s annoying to others and toxic to ourselves.

This IS going to be an encouraging series where we meditate on a scripture every week, share our experiences, and how “not complaining” has made our day better.

I will post every Monday this month and choose a new verse to meditate on for the week.

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Please comment if you are on board and use the hashtag #nocomplainnovember on twitter and instagram to share this challenge with others.  I will share pictures of my life on instagram that I would normally complain about and turn that into something I am grateful for!

No Complain November

I’m excited to focus on what makes our lives great and eliminate the negativity one day at a time.  I am already praying for those who choose to take on this challenge with me.

Ok, ready, set, no complaining 🙂