We are doing a “No Complain” November Challenge.  Click here to start from the beginning!

I hope you are enjoying this little series this month and trying to keep your complaining down and your gratitude up!

Okay the verse for this week is: 

Philippians 2:14:  Do everything without complaining or arguing.

Philippians 2:14:  Do everything without complaining or arguing.

Meditate on this verse.  Think about it when you feel like you are about to become angry or annoyed.  Share this verse card on social media so others can know about this challenge.  Write it on the tablet of your heart 🙂

My little thought for today is to really think about what you complain about and if it’s necessary.  If I have a headache, my husband ALWAYS knows about it.  Why do I feel the need to tell him every time?  Can he do anything about it?  Nope.  This month I have tried to keep the little complaints to a minimum because when you tell people these tiny complaints every single day, it starts to add up to one big negative conversation over time.

A social media side note:  If you have a headache or are tired, your 853 friends on Facebook really don’t need to know about it either.  🙂  So next time you have a tiny gripe or complaint, think it and keep it in.  Unless you think you need medical attention 🙂

Please share your thoughts and experiences from the last few days and share this challenge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #nocomplainnovember so we can spread the joy 🙂