I have been seeing alot of the imperfect chevron patterns everywhere and had a clipboard that needed to be jazzed up so I thought I would give it a try!  Here’s how I did it!  It turned out super fun!

First make your pattern.  I made this with tape to make it easier.  I just used cardstock and it worked just fine. 

My clipboard all sad and boring.  Stinkin goo gone…

Put on a layer of acrylic gesso.  You can find it in the crafts section.  It makes paint really stick to stuff.  You should probably do it smoother than I did…  🙂

Tape the front so that the paint doesn’t run onto it.  I usually don’t do alot on the front because you want a flat surface to write.

I scratched the pattern into the board.  Bad move…just draw lightly with a pencil.

This is what it looks like after one coat of yellow…Look at the next pic to see how I did it.

All you do is paint the pattern in really fast and then drag the paint up and down.  Make sure the first color is totally done and dry before starting the second color.  It’s super easy and will probably take a couple of coats.

I just brushed the edge and then decoupaged the front and back to seal it. 

All done!