Last Saturday I went to a super cute baby shower that was all things Dr. Seuss.   I wanted to share all of my pics.   The hostesses did a great job making it memorable for my friend, Bridget.

Signs on the way to her house
Fun idea
Me and the guest of honor!
Books under the glass to decorate the coffee table
This is my month frame that I make for every girl that has a baby.   Hers is still a mystery.  Click here for more month frames.  
the Cake made by a bakery in town
The hostesses did a great job!
This game was fun…they show different baby items (that all go to the new mommy to be)  and you guess the prices and whoever gets the most right wins a prize
We passed around baby food and made guesses…I wanted to taste them…haha…I lost big time but Hollye did pretty good!
The food table
This punch was cranberry juice, maybe Sprite, and some type of Gatorade
This was a great corsage
All of the food had cute signs (made by my sister in law) that matched the food and a book from Dr. Seuss
The hostesses son made this and it is so fun!  They are going to put it out in the yard when the baby is born to announce the gender
You guess how many candies are in the baby bottle and I won…I was overly excited probably but it was sweet tarts!  I usually really stink at guessing amounts of distances so I was really surprised!
Just simple painted chip board letters make the side table fun
The baby food guessing game
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