Pray Read Journal Bible Study Plan plus Printable Bookmark:  Child at Heart

I decided to read through the book of Matthew during the month of April. I am reading it one chapter a day and I thought I would share this with my readers if anyone wanted to join me.  There are 28 chapters in Matthew so you can miss a few days and still be okay.  I even made a bookmark for everyone who wanted to participate.

I try to have a bible study every day and I am working on really making it a priority.  When I sit down to study, I pray first for my bible study time and for friends, family, etc.  Then I read my chapter…some days just once, other days five times.  It just depends but when I read it several times I get something new out of it every time.  Then I journal which is as simple as writing down the one verse that really stuck out to me that day.  I also keep a gratitude journal and each day I try to write a few things I am thankful for that day.

If you join me, please share your verses on Twitter and Instagram with the #1chapteraday so I can see what verses are important to you from that chapter.  Please print out the bookmark so you can have a reminder where you are and a simple way to have a bible study each day.

Pray, Read, Journal Bookmark Download

Pray Read Journal Bible Study with FREE Bookmark:  Child at Heart

What do you do during your bible study time?  I would LOVE new ideas 🙂