My nephew is starting to get ready to learn about his name.  I made him this tub for his Easter basket.  It has several different ideas or activities in it for him to practice writing his name.  These are fun ways to teach your child their name without them feeling like you are making them work.  I also added some sorting and counting activities that help with his fine motor skills.
This entire activity tub cost around 12 dollars.  I bought everything from the dollar tree store or had it laying around the house.
This is the instructions for the mom.  This tub has 11 activities but there are endless options.  I will put my list at the end of this blog entry so you can copy it if you would like to make this tub yourself.
Make his name with colored popsicle sticks.  You could also add pipe cleaners for the curves.
This is a small strip of felt that I attached ribbon to.  I also cut his letters of his name out and he can practice putting them in order.   You can roll this up with the letters inside and tie the ribbons when you are done.
The felt board all rolled up!
I took some paint chips (free) and cut the letters of his name out of sandpaper.  I hot glued the letters to the paint chips.  These cards are for finger tracing.  The sandpaper texture is good for learning the letter shapes.  This is also another activity for putting the letters in order.
This activity is for sorting the letter clips onto the correct card.  You could also use paint chips for this game.  After they sort the clothespins, they must put the letters in order.
These are some other ideas for writing names.  You can put some shaving cream on a counter and write names or numbers in it.  You can also write letters or numbers on a piece of paper and have them “trace” the letters with the bingo marker.  Kids also love writing with chalk outside on the sidewalk.
If your child loves to write, a clipboard or note pad will be good to have around too.
This is one of my favorite activities.  You can pour sugar, salt, glitter, or anything else into a small shallow pan.  They can write letters, numbers, or shapes with their finger or a small dowel stick.
Your kid will love this activity.  Take a gallon ziploc bag and fill it with hair gel or aloe vera gel.  I added some food coloring to make the color darker.  Make sure the bag is closed and that most of the air is out.  They can use their finger to practice writing their letters or numbers.  You might have to replace this every once in a while.
This last activity is great for counting and fine motor.  Your child will roll the dice (probably one at first) and count that many pom poms out.  The trick is that they will use the tweezers to move the pom poms.  This activity builds their little hand muscles that they need to begin writing.
Name Activity List
Writing letters on gel bag
Writing in shaving cream on the counter
Writing in salt or sugar in the tray
Roll the dice, and count the pom poms with the tweezers (fine motor)
Write with sidewalk chalk outside
Tracing letters with the bingo marker
 Make letters or numbers with the Popsicle sticks
Match the clothes pins letters to the right card
Trace the sandpaper letters with your finger
Write your name on the clipboard or notebook
Spell your name with the felt board

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