This was before we left…he’s getting so big!
Now that is what I call multi-tasking!

We had such a great time in Red River with mom and dad this year.  It was Cole’s first trip and I think he did pretty good!  He slept the whole way there and back…can’t complain about that!  Here are some pics!

We went to Meme and Papa’s camper when we got there and they held him for a while.

We rode the four wheeler up to Goose Lake.

Nonna time!

I fed this little deer outside of our cabin.  It was so cute!!

Nap time with Grandpa

Just sittin on the couch watchin TV with the guys

Our cabin the Happy Beaver…I was it had been called the Eager Beaver!   (haha a little Artesia humor)

In the tent at the Encampment during a session

Meme and Papa (Dane’s grandparents)

I’m not scared of being close to an elk like uncle Dakota is!