We just got back Thursday from a great trip.  Mom, Dad, Cole, and me went to Red River for the family encampment.  I have been many many times and it was just as fun as ever.  The speakers were great and very uplifting.  The weather was great too!  We went to sessions and played some in Red River and then went to Taos for the day for some fun there too.   We missed Dane and I think Cole was very happy to see him Thursday.

My two guys!

We had to check out the river atleast once.  He kicked his shoe in off a bridge the night before and Scott rescued it!  Those stinkin black sandals are doomed!  That’s about the 5th time something has happened to them.

The trail me and Dakota have walked a thousand times…

That’s one sweet baby!

Playing in the toy store in Taos.

Eating at La Cueva in Taos.  Super tiny place but the food was SO good.

Mole Posado Fajitas…they were super yummy

that looks comfortable…poor baby

He sure loves his Grandpa

I really love these bathtub pics…so cute…that tub was so fun

His favorite toy…the broom