I was asked by Dropcam to think of my favorite “MOM”ery because of the Mother’s Day holiday.  I have so many wonderful memories of my mom and of my two years of being a mom myself.  As I was remembering all of my favorite memories, I kept coming back to thoughts of going to Red River with my mom every summer.
My dad would have to work most years so my mom, my brother, and I would get in the car every last week in June and make the long drive to Red River, NM.  We would go at that time because of the Red River Family Encampment, a Christian family camp where thousands of people would come together for a week of fun and fellowship.  We would stay in the same #5 cabin every year right by the river and would spend the entire day roller skating, walking on the mountain trails, or getting rock candy from the Lift’s West store.  I learned so much about what it means to be a Christian at this Encampment and that week every summer helped to shape me into the mom and wife I am today.
I have been almost every year since I was in middle school, and when Cole was just a few months old, he went for the first time.  It was such a special feeling to get to take him somewhere that held so many wonderful memories for my family.  Last year me and Cole went again and he got to play in the same river that I played in, walk down the same mountain trails, and hear the same beautiful singing at the Encampment’s big tent.  He is also making wonderful memories with his Grandpa and Nonna that he will remember forever.  I plan to take him every single year that I can and carry on this wonderful “MOM”ery with him just like my mom did with me.
Dropcam is an amazing in-home camera system that allows you to not only see what is happening in your home or baby’s room, but allows you to record it to the Cloud.  This is great for families with traveling parents, babies who need a little monitoring, or those who want to check on their pets.  It is also used for home security or to check who is at the door.  Please visit their website to learn more about this great product and learn about how it can capture a special “MOM”ery in your day.
If you are interested in learning more about the Red River Family Encampment, please visit their website.  You will be spiritually fed, meet wonderful life long friends, and have SO much fun too!