Here are a bunch of random pictures from the past week.

We put Cole’s swing up and he thinks its super fun.  He just giggles the whole time. 

I love this one!

He’s officially half New Mexican because he loves Mexican food!  He tried a quesadilla and loved it.  It was a proud moment…haha

It rained all day so we stood by the window to see what that sound was all about.
This is the new runner I got in Taos…really fun and matches my house perfectly.

Ahh my two boys!
He wants to take pictures too!  It cracked me up that he put that around his neck like that.

We walked to the store to get milk the other day.   That might not sound like a big deal to people in other states but people in West Texas DO NOT walk anywhere…we drive…haha so I was pretty proud of us.  He kept the shades on the whole time too!

It was a “beary” good day!  His Red River shirt
Cole reading a book…upside down

At Aunt Kylie’s and Uncle Kevin’s for the 4th…He sat there forever…I couldn’t believe it!  And by forever I mean maybe five minutes…but that’s forever in busy baby time!

We tried to get a cute picture of the boys of the 4th…they were pretty funny!

Went to Bridget’s Dr. Seuss baby shower.  I will have to show pictures later because it was VERY cute