Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas
A week ago I was told that a friend got some difficult news from the doctor about her pregnancy.  She was going to be going to even more doctors appointments and I wanted to do something to cheer her up.  With the help of some friends I made a “Sunshine Bag” for her.  She loved it and so did I.  Now I want this tote too!
 I wrote a poem to attach to it that said:
“The Sunshine Bag”
We heard that you were feeling blue,
so here is a sunshine bag made just for you.
We hope that this bag will brighten each day,
And remind you we’re here for you all of the way.
So take this bag with you wherever you go,
and remember God loves you more than you know.

Here’s all you need for the tote.  You could be ambitious and make your own tote or get the canvas premade totes from Hobby Lobby.  You need some Heat N Bond Ultra iron on paper and lots of fun scraps of fabric.
Take the scraps and iron them to the paper.  This was all I had from another project but a new package has way more.  Make sure you do one bigger square for the center of the sun.
Here are all the fabric pieces I cut.  They don’t have to be perfect.  Just cut all different lengths and widths of rectangles.  I used all warm colors because of the sun but any colors could be used.  It’s up to you!
I arranged them like I was going to want them and then took a picture to remember.
Take off the backs of the iron on paper and start arranging the fabric and ironing it on one layer at a time.
Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas No Sew Sunburst Bag
Iron on the middle circles last.  I did three different size circles one on top of the other so that it had dimension.
Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas Scriptures on Paint Chips
Now for the goodies inside.  I took fun paint chips from Walmart and wrote scriptures that would encourage her.  You could use quotes too but scriptures are always better…
Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas
I bought lots of yellow, orange, and red candies and other goodies.  I heard she liked dill pickles so we got those too.  You know I couldn’t leave that pickle jar alone.  I just hot glued a few strips of fabric to dress it up and make it match my theme.
Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas
I grabbed a couple of other things that I thought would be nice at the doctor and some other fun stuff that was super cheerful.
I loved this card because of the sun.
Hey man!
I took the poem I wrote and mounted it on scrapbook paper and tied it to the top.
Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas
Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas
Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas
All filled up and ready to go!
Sunshine Gift Bag Ideas

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