At the request of my mom, here are all of Cole’s thank you notes that were sent out to everyone.  She wanted to see all of his goodies from his birthday.  Thanks again to everyone!  He had a memorable birthday with all of you and we are very grateful!

A great Sunday outfit from Lara and Derek and the girls…and soon to be a boy too!  Yay!
Cole loves his car from Gabby and Papa G.  His new favorite thing to do is stand up while we are going….little dare devil!

I love my bicycle from Nonna and Grandpa and I can’t even reach the petals yet.  Who needs that when you have mom to push you all day.

Thanks for the PJS Denise and Martin.  They are super comfy!  I love my books too!

Aunt Donna I love the books and clothes…I wore them last Sunday!

I love how it tells him “I love you!”  Thanks Scott and Amy!

He loves throwing now and he really like that Lego base…he drags it everywhere.

Thank you Kylie, Kevin, and the boys for my cars and bible.  I love them!

I love my tent and tunnel.  I really like it when mommy and daddy try to get in it with me.  Thanks Meme and Papa!

He already knows there is something good about that green paper!  Thanks Nana and Papa!  We had to take it before he ate it or tore it up.  We promise he’ll get something he wants with it!